Hey there

August 22, 2007

Just a useless post because the previous post
didn’t suit the weird “Latest Post!” style


Hey there,
you might be here because you got linked here from my own site
wich is about my TCoS guild Connate and Quinary.
If this is the case, then I can tell you that I use it for
software untill TCoS will be released.
If this isn’t the case then I’ll just tell you that TCoS
( The chronicles of spellborn ) is an mmorpg ( massive multiplayer
online role playing game ), but quite a unique one. Here
are some of the features that mark TCoS:

-Combat system with a crosshair and real aiming
-Post appocaliptic fantasy sstyle
-3 main classes
-3 subclasses for each class
-No stats on items
-Sigils ( some kind of trinkets ) have stats. You can’t equip many
-A skilldeck system that rolls to a new row of skills after each cast.
-Super customizable character creation
-You can literally equip every item you see on NPC’s
-You already get to choose good looking armor as you start
-Every class can wear anything
-You can gain more exclusive armor by killing NPC’s and
taking the broken armorparts to a blacksmith wich will ask
you for some items to fix them


The Chronicles of Spellborn: Official Site

FineTune Desktop

August 10, 2007

Is your p2p client too slow? Do you always preview ( or hear, whatever ) songs?
Maybe you should download FineTune Desktop then.
FTD is a great program which streams music from their database with over 2 million tracks.
Since Pandora.com had trouble with their licence in some countries I was looking for a replacement.
Really, try this one. I bet the artist you want to listen to is on it.
If you search for a track or artist FTD will play similar tracks.
If you don’t like a song you can just skip it. ( You can’t go back, but I wasn’t expecting that )

Download: FineTune Desktop ( Sorry, no file but an internet installer )
Link: Finetune.com


GOM Media Player

August 9, 2007

I found this neat music ( and video, but for that DivX is better ) player,
a lot of skins come with it, and there are even more on the internet.

Download: GOM media player



August 9, 2007

Sometimes the default windows fonts just aren’t good enough,
if that’s the case I always go to DaFont.com.
At dafont you can preview and download fonts, most of them for free.
Just check it out, they have almost everything.

Link: Dafont.com


Stuck at a site

August 8, 2007

Some sites use a script that won’t let you use the back button, so you can’t leave.
If you want to get out, then you should press F5 ( refresh page ) followed by back
really fast. It may take a few tries but it works. Why? Because you click back
before the script tells that you can’t go back.

P.S: With some browsers you can go back with the Backspace key, that’s even faster than pressing and clicking


Visual Boy Advance

August 8, 2007

Did you ever play stupid flash games on the internet?
If you did, then please never do it again.
The games for VBA ( Visual Boy Advance ) are way better!
VBA is the emulator for Gameboy Advance. This means,
that it mimics the Gameboy Advance system so you can
play GBA games on your computer. Games for emulators are
called ROMS and you can download them everywhere around the internet.
Emulators exist for almost all systems ( NDS, SNES, PSP, DC, PC,
XBOX, GC etc. ) but this emulator works flawless and the games are
small and fun ( Give pokemon games a try ). If the VBA from the
link doesn’t work on your PC, try downloading another version from google.



Download: VBA 1.80 Beta3