August 8, 2007

AutoIt is a program language that is quite easy to learn ( yet difficult to master 🙂 ).
You can do everything you may need if your not an expert. Even build network programs and such.
You write AutoIt code in SciTe ( that’s in the package ) which will color commands and make
it look more organized. Once your script is done you can compile it into an .exe file and you’re done.
The AutoIt community is VERY VERY helpful and you can ask everything at their forums.
Perfect to create the program that suits your needs ( I created ModelMe and MinionMe with it ).

Download: AutoIt v3

“Hello World” Tutorial: Tutorial



Smart Install Maker

August 8, 2007

Ever felt like you needed multiple programs in a small pack?
I do, I created an installer with smart install maker that installs
all programs I need after a fresh windows install.
You absolutely don’t need any knowledge. Just drag the files
in there, and click create. Simple as that.
Ofcourse there are more features such as adding a background,
text, licenses etc. What I did was put all installs for programs
in the pack and told the installer to launch them after the install was complete,
so actually my installer was installing installers. This made the package 800MB
for around 15GB of total software!
If you have the trial it will pop-up a message “this was made with smart-install”
when you launch your installer but I don’t care about that.
Great software.

Download: Smart install maker (TRIAL)


WoW Private Server

August 8, 2007

Ever wanted to play WoW but tought: crappy monthly fees?
Then you should consider creating your own private server.
A private server is a server for you alone, you will be the admin
and can do everything you want. If you’re a bit into computing
you can edit a lot of things and have lots of fun.
There are ways to make your server public ( also on )
but that’s illegal.

HowTo: guide


August 8, 2007

MinionMe is a small program I created ( with fabry’s help )that reacts depending on what you say.
You talk with the minion and he replies. That’s his normal chatbot function.
But this is not the only thing he can do, he can also launch programs or
show pictures. The download is a clear script, which means that you still
have to fill in a few things. If you can code, you can let him do whatever
you want. The source is written in AutoIt (.au3), this can be read and edited
by SciTe.

Link: MinionMe topic on the autoit forums


The Gimp

August 8, 2007

Gimp is ( like many programs here ) open-source software,
and is a Photo Editor. Instead of using expansive programs
like Microsoft PictureIt! and Adobe Photoshop you can use
Gimp for free. And because it’s open source ( and thus can
be edited by everyone ) it maybe has even more options!
These options include Smudging, Cutting, Illusions etc.
Really everything you may want. Give it a try:

Download: The Gimp



August 8, 2007

Fraps is a tool which let’s you record your screen.
But, fraps isn’t made for recording your desktop, but for
recording your game instead. Almost all WoW, CS and other
movies are made with fraps. Unfortunately, fraps isn’t
free. ( altough you can still get it from the web pretty easy )

Download: Fraps ( TRIAL )



August 7, 2007

You got a video but you can’t play it in WMP ( windows media player )?
This is in most cases caused by a missing codec.
A codec is a piece of code which lets the player know how to play
ceratin formats of media ( mp3, wmv, avi, etc. ) And
since Divx media player has way more codecs ( and also looks cooler )
why not use it?

Download: divx media player